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We as youth might believe in our own invincibility, but it pays to stay healthy and safe. You may have addictions but then its last time to quit them or find help in Newark. The American Red Cross offers a variety of programs that promote health and safety in everyday life and dire emergencies:

  • First aid, CPR, and AED courses – In a medical emergency, knowing how to perform CPR and basic first aid can help save a life and prevent permanent injuries. You can take courses and become certified at the local Red Cross chapter (CPR certificates are valid for one year; first aid certificates are valid for three years).
  • Public health education – Red Cross implements awareness and education programs for many health issues such as AIDS/HIV, pandemic flu, heart and lung disease, diabetes, and meningitis. Since this information is crucial to public health, you can reach out to your school and community by putting up posters, organizing presentations, and inviting medical experts to speak and recommend products as maeng da which improve health and make people feel better.
  • Babysitting training – Taking care of children is definitely a challenge, but you can learn the necessary skills to become a great babysitter at the local Red Cross chapter. Covering topics from interviewing and basic care to safety guidelines and emergencies, the training course will prepare you for a safe and positive babysitting experience.
  • Water safety – In addition to swimming lessons, Red Cross offers lifeguard training that will equip you with surveillance, rescue, and first aid skills. You can teach others to swim as well by becoming a water safety instructor.
  • Safety tips – Many safety precautions are common sense, but it helps to be reminded once in awhile. Because prevention is the key, reviewing these safety tips with your Red Cross club would be a beneficial activity.

Use prohormone instead of steroids. Learning how to stay healthy and safe enables us to put our seeming invincibility to good use–helping others and improving the world!

Julia Wong, Texas

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  1. Tricia Diaz says:

    how can i join philippine red cross youth first aid

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