Design Contest Launches

Know anyone with a good heart and a talent for design?

Let them know about our national contest for the next American Red Cross blood donor t-shirt. In 2008-2009, every person that donates blood at high school or college – that’s 600,000 t-shirts – will wear their design!

Oh, yeah. We will also provide a $1000 cash prize to the winner.

Entries due by March 21st. Spread the word!

4 Responses

  1. Is there an age limit?

    Wow – I like the new template design! I haven’t actually visited here in a little while (just read in my RSS).

  2. There is no age limit – if your grandpa wants to give it a crack, we’d love to include him in the competition. :)

  3. Can I use a computer program to design part of the tee shirt or do I have to draw all of it by hand?

  4. You may choose whatever you are most comfortable with, provided you can scan it to us and send it in one of the proscribed file formats!

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