Red Cross Club Shelter Provides Lunch for All

Thanks to the Union County Chapter (Lewisburg, Pa.) the Donald Eichhorn Middle School was a “complete disaster” following the school’s annual tornado drill. Students in the Red Cross Club opened and ran a shelter, complete with Disaster Health Services and an ERV canteen, serving lunch to the entire student body. Over the preceding nine week period, the seventeen 6th to 8th grade club members completed CPR and AED training, and then learned about Red Cross services. The drill was featured in both local papers and was the lead story on the five o’clock news on WBRE TV, which ran a four minute piece on the project.

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  1. The “disaster drill” was a great learning experience for both the Red Cross Club members and the other students. Even faculty members were interested in seeing how the shelter operated. It was particularly meaningful since the shelter was held in our school gymnasium which is an actual disaster shelter site. It was great working with the Union County American Red Cross on this disaster drill as well as the other programs we have provided the middle school club members.

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