The Red Cross Welcomes Gail J. McGovern as Red Cross President and CEO

Gail McGovern, a business executive and professor at Harvard Business School, was just named the next President & CEO of the American Red Cross. Ms. McGovern brings many skills to the table, including extensive experience in the business world, non-profit fundraising and marketing. Red Cross leaders have spent a significant amount of time ensuring that Ms. McGovern is committed to the mission of the organization. I look forward to welcoming her when she starts her new position on June 23!

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  1. HI,

    My name is Paige Lampman. I am a third grader at Evening Street Elementary Street in Worthington, Ohio. My class is doing a play on famous Americans. I chose to do my part on Clara Barton. One of our assignments was to write to a relative of Miss Barton’s. My mom and I have been searching on the web, but have not been able to find any relatives. So we thought we would write to Mrs. McGovern. I am supposed to invite Mrs. McGovern to my play which is on February 17th at 12:50 p.m. at my school gymnasium in Worthington, Ohio.
    I know it would be a ways to travel, but we would love to have you come.

    I am very proud to be an American and I loved doing research on Clara.
    She was really cool.

    Paige Lampman
    360 Pinney Drive
    Worthington, OH 43085

    • Dear Paige,

      Unfortunately, Mrs. McGovern lives in Washington, DC and will not be able to attend your play. However, have you tried to contact your local Red Cross chapter (the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus)? I am sure that someone would love to speak with you more about Clara Barton and her amazing story.

      You can locate them and find contact information by typing in your zip code on

      Thanks for your message! Good luck with your play!


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  3. First of congrats on becoming the President of the American Red Cross, ( the new CEO)

    The reason for writng to you is that I have been a disaster volunteer for 18 years. I have worked many disaster operations and been active with Disaster Action team. I have also recieved awards for outstand volunteer services and Exceptional service and admin award.

    But I am looking to futher my disaster career in the Red cross by hopefully getting a job with any of the chapters. Yhough I would like the chance to work as and intern or even to volunteer with the national office.

    So if you could let me know how to become a volunteer or work as and intern that would be great. I cant do as much because of the chapter here being two hours away. but willing to relocate just to get the experiecne.

    Darian Houle

  4. what percentage on each dollar received ,does the red cross donate?

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