Birthday Girl Asks for Gifts for Fire Victims Rather than for Herself

Alisha Hay, a sixth grader at Hood River Middle School, decided this year on her 12th birthday to help her community. Earlier this year a fire destroyed a home in Hay’s neighborhood and she saw how the children that lived there were devastated because all of their things were gone. She asked her friends to bring a new stuffed animal to her birthday party instead of something for her. After she gathered all the stuffed animals from her friends and family, Alisha Hays donated them to the Oregon Mountain River Chapter (Bend) to give to child fire victims. Hay is a girl scout and has taken babysitting classes from the Red Cross.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    My children want to donate stuffed animals to the hurricane victims. Is there a place I can send them to?

  2. Hi Judith,

    The Red Cross doesn’t accept in-kind donations because the cost of transportation often outweighs the cost of buying a stuffed animal or other item near the location of the disaster. I think Salvation Army can accept stuffed animals.

    Thanks for your interest. Hope this helps!

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