Retaining volunteers during the summer

Though we all love having some time off, many times summer break leads to Red Cross Clubs and Safe Rides losing their momentum. Here are some suggestions on how to keep your volunteers involved regardless of the shining sun and hot weather!

Retaining Members:

  • Provide club members with opportunities to work with the chapter. Most chapters LOVE to get an extra hand here and there. Being a summer volunteer can be a great opportunity for members and will help you keep them involved. Many times after working at the chapter as a summer volunteer, members are aware of so many other projects as well and are able to give back more to your team.
  • Bonding activities such as an ice-cream party, lunch and outing are always fun! Just because its the summer and you aren’t in school doesn’t mean you can’t meet with your team members! This is in fact the best time to bond and many times introduce members to new officers/coordinators. (Also, don’t forget to thank your outgoing leaders and members!)
  • Talk to club members about their expectations. This is a good time to plan the year ahead of you and get a head start at all the activities you wish to pursue starting the upcoming fall.
  • Communicate! Communication methods such as: Yahoo Groups, Website, Facebook Group work great! I personally suggest Facebook because most people already have an account and use it on an everyday basis.
  • I hope these tips are helpful! Enjoy!

    Manpreet Kalra

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