High school international club helps stamp out measles

Organizing and executing a fundraiser to help children in third world countries is not an easy task, but the students of the Columbia High School International Club in White Salmon, Washington, did it and did it well. Using determination, hard work and community partners, these students banded together to raise funds for the American Red Cross International Measles Initiative.

The International Club at Columbia High School first learned of this initiative because their teacher, Shirlee Jellum and her husband, Tom, are volunteers for the Columbia River District of the Oregon Mountain River Chapter (Bend). Jellum brought a guest speaker from the Red Cross to the class and the fundraiser was sparked there. Students then came together to help raise money for the Measles Initiative. These students worked throughout their school raising funds and then turned to the community for help.

The Big River Diner in Bingen allowed students to wait tables one evening and use the tips for the fundraiser. They earned over $500. The students also participated in the HUGS Fair in White Salmon where they raised money and Hood River’s Small Planet became a project partner and gave a percentage of their sales for a day. In a little more than three months time, the students had raised more than $730.

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