Colombian military used Red Cross symbol in rescue

BOGOTA, Colombia - Colombian military intelligence used the Red Cross emblem in a rescue operation in which leftist guerrillas were duped into handing over 15 hostages, according to unpublished photographs and video viewed by CNN.

Such a use of the Red Cross emblem could constitute a “war crime” under the Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law and could endanger humanitarian workers in the future, according to international legal expert Mark Ellis, executive director of the International Bar Association.

For more, read CNN’s full story here.

6 Responses to “Colombian military used Red Cross symbol in rescue”

  1. Who cares what symbol they used. They are heros for saving the hostages lives and freeing them. Gawd, these stupid rules/laws are crazy.

  2. The rescued people including the americans and Betancourt clearly stated that no any recognizable emblems were used.
    CNN says that they “saw” the non verified pictures but did not want to pay the price. But clearly they do want to take the commercial benefit anyhow. This is complete NO EVIDENCE AT ALL news. Journalism without evidence and investigation.
    CNN is in trouble now, dont you think?

  3. Anyone remember the last time CNN wailed about “war crimes” when Palestinian terrorists used Red Cross ambulances to transport weapons, or used schools to hide the launching of rockets into Israel?

    Or the last time CNN moaned about “war crimes” when Iraqi terrorists used mosques as weapons depots, or as firing stations for attacks on helpless civilians?

    What’s that? Never, you say?

  4. Here’s some background information on the Geneva Convention, explaining when the symbol should and should not be used:

    Any side that violates the Convention is to be reprimanded, as they jeopardize those workers that legitimately operate under that symbol in a conflict zone.

  5. Too bad for Bethancourt and the 14 rescued……it was not done the right way ! So please, would you go back to the jungle for hmmm another 3, 5, 10 years….we need to comply with everyone in order to rightfully rescue you !

  6. So what if the symbol of the Red Cross was used!What is more important a symbol or the lives of 15 hostages who were tortured for many years in the jungles by these TERROR-ists called FARC!
    I commend the Colombian ARMY, because of them and the help of GOD we have our 3 Americans back home with their families. CNN should ask the ex-hostages on what they think about this report? They would probably laugh and say, “PURE NONSENSE” ” We are thankful that we are home” “Let’s quit the attacks and start working on getting all the other hostages out of the jungles!” I must end this by saying, this is journalism at any expense– SHAME ON YOU CNN!!!!!!

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