Have a crazy social media fundraising idea?

The Red Cross just began a $100 million campaign to fill an empty Disaster Relief Fund – the fund has been taxed heavily by everything from Southern California wildfires to Midwestern flooding to recent hurricane response throughout the southern United States.

Part of this campaign will include an social media component, utilizing resources as varied as Facebook and the widget Sprout.

So what are we missing? Do you have any great ideas that will raise $1 million? Let us know and we’ll run with it.

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  1. Well with multiple ideas that flutter into the minds of many who are concerned with progressing in raising money for D.R.F I have a thought that could be of assistance.
    We are made up of many of thousands of volunteers well with many concerns towards our youth volunteers interaction .We could set up a weekly battle of chapters.May seem odd but if we could unite to a goal of having a week to raise money with multiple activities to get the community more involved with Red cross.A competition that could go one for a while.Different chapters different activities rangeing for events at parks, to car washes.The more active the better .Just a concept in my mind……..

  2. Thanks for the great post, Corey. Competition is a great way to bring the most out of groups and chapters – the MSU-PSU rivalry blood drive raises thousands of units of blood each year.

    One way to track online donations is to use Facebook Causes (check out http://www.causes.com/redcross). Offline, you can try penny wars, bake sales, in-class and at-event appeals, letters to parents, etc.

    If you have any notable successes, please let us know!

  3. Sadly in Nevada we have a disadvantage because we do not do blood drives here United Blood Work does.So since I am in Leadership I have to think of other ideas to bring in support.

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