Apply now for national youth awards

Each year, we administer two award programs in memory of a former youth volunteer and leader. Applications are now available online and are due by January 16, 2009.

Navin Narayan was an incredibly dedicated, compassionate and innovative volunteer and leader. Navin was a sought-after national and international speaker on human rights, and a tireless advocate for Red Cross causes. In 1994, Navin delivered the keynote address at National Convention. In 1998, he became chair of the National Youth Council. Tragically, Navin passed away at the age of 23.

Shortly after Navin’s death, the American Red Cross created the Navin Narayan Speaker Award in his memory.

Because Navin was both a supporter of youth involvement and an outstanding student, the American Red Cross also created a college scholarship in his name to be awarded to youth volunteers who have made significant humanitarian contributions to the organization and who have achieved academic excellence.

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  1. im 18yrs old im from country called kenya Africa ijoin redcross youth on octobe and this is my fast time to aplly national youth award and iknow you will respond positively


    • Thank you David for your interest in the American Red Cross National Youth Scholarship. Currently, we only accept applications for the scholarship for US citizens who have served with the American Red Cross. Best of luck with Kenyan Red Cross, what a great organization!

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