Announcing…the Facebook Campaign for Disaster Relief!

There’s another easy way to help! For all you Facebook users:

–Please consider donating $5 or more through the American Red Cross Facebook Cause ( in this important time. Even if you can’t donate, join the Cause to show your support!

Vote for the American Red Cross in the “Our World Gives” Contest! If the American Red Cross receives the most votes, we will receive $50,000 from the Western Union Foundation! As easy as that.

And let others know about these two opportunities. Invite your friends to the Cause and the “Our World Gives” contest, with a personal message on why you care. Spread the word via your Status and Notes, and post these two applications on your profile!

What’s the goal?

By Thanksgiving, to  join together to grow this Cause from 22,000 members to having 50,000 Facebook users proudly showing their support for the American Red Cross!

(And win that contest!)

Facebook me!

Chris Chen, Boston, MA

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