November is National Youth Involvement Month!

The National Youth Council and Youth and Young Adult Programs and Services is proud to recognize November as National Youth Involvement Month. This is a time to celebrate the importance of youth involvement throughout the entire organization.

We’re excited to announce that Pam Farr, the National Chair of Volunteers, has released this message. In it, she declares,

Red Cross youth are active in every function of our organization, and each has a story that talks about compassion, service, courage and dedication…This National Youth Involvement Month, let’s strive to tell the countless stories of our youth volunteers making a difference and make the American Red Cross the non-profit of choice for teen and young adult volunteers across the United States.

In that spirit, every week in November we will be highlighting one Red Cross youth story that was chosen through the “Linking Youth To All Red Cross Services” Contest. Stay tuned for the first story on Friday!

In addition to highlighting past stories, we want to use National Youth Involvement Month to help create new ones. In that spirit, we are excited to announce to the Disaster Relief Fund Fundraising Challenge! Become empowered to help the Campaign for Disaster Relief; connect with youth programs nationwide; and put your fundraising skills to the test. Join now– registration ends Friday, November 14th!

Chris Chen, Boston, MA

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