Making a “splash” in college

At the beginning of the year, Boston University hosted “Splash”: an activities fair at which student clubs have sign-up booths. I knew I wanted to continue volunteering with the Red Cross and that BU had a school club, so my only obstacle was trying to find that one booth among hundreds of others.

When I finally got to it, I put my name on the e-mail list and talked to the representative awhile. She told me that BU participates in blood drives, food bank trips, DAT, and various health and safety events. About two weeks later, I received an e-mail from the BU Red Cross about their next meeting and went eager to start back up with all the activities I had enjoyed back home in St. Louis. There was a huge turnout at the meeting. I wasn’t the only freshman interested in the Red Cross!

Coordinators from each activity presented and informed us all as to the many ways we could volunteer through BU. They also held elections for a new Health and Safety Coordinator. Health and Safety had always been the department I had the most experience in, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to get involved. I made a short speech about my history with the Red Cross and why I thought I would be a good fit for the Coordinator position and then waited nervously for the results of the election. Being a freshman, I didn’t have high expectations but lo and behold I was elected by the group. I was ecstatic! Immediately following the meeting, I met with the other coordinators and the president of the chapter. They explained that it was up to me what type of events I would sponsor and when.

I can’t wait to start planning!

Ariana Mooradian, Massachusetts

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  1. congrats arianna!

  2. Have you planned any events yet?

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