The Facebook Cause recruiting challenge

This morning, I was checking my Facebook and I saw this on the American Red Cross Cause Hall of Fame:

1. Seungjun Kim 117 recruits

2. Frankie Wong 108 recruits

3. Alice 97 recruits

4. James Jee Zhu 93 recruits

5. Kait Pera 86 recruits

In all honesty, I was amazed that I was number one. Perhaps it was because I’m not from a large city, or because I think of myself as a reserved person. Maybe it was because I didn’t even know what Facebook was one and a half years ago. By any means, I never thought of myself as a socialite, and still don’t.

All I had done was invite all of my friends to the cause, whether they were friends I talked to every day or friends I hadn’t seen since summer camp three years ago. And it really was that simple!

I’ve realized how easy it is to create friends for the American Red Cross, and knowing this, I have a challenge for you:

Invite ALL of your friends to the American Red Cross Cause on Facebook.

Joining the cause doesn’t mean becoming a donor or a volunteer for the American Red Cross. It simply means showing support for what the Red Cross does. Aren’t there at least as many people who support an organization that provides disaster relief, first aid and CPR training, service to the Armed Forces, and more than 40 percent of the nation’s blood supply as there are people who support animal rights? I certainly hope so. So invite every single one of your Facebook friends to the cause, 60 at a time. When you add new friends, invite them too. It’s that simple.

Seungjun Kim, Vancouver, WA

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  1. Way to go Seungjun! Not only are you #1 Recruiter on Facebook, but you are also the #2 Fundraiser!

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