School spirit used for Boston fundraiser

Last winter, in our efforts to contribute to the National Disaster Relief Fund, we launched a school-wide campaign to raise money for the Red Cross. The club initiated a contest in which the homeroom with the greatest contribution would win a “Spirit Bag,” filled with candy, pompoms, and party beads.


We began the contest in early November and ended right before Thanksgiving vacation. Our initial goal was to reach $1,000 U.S. dollars. With the assistance of our wonderful student volunteers, who went from homeroom to homeroom every morning to collect money, we raised well over $1, 000 within the student body. What’s more, when combined with contributions from our teachers and the rest of the Latin School staff, our grand total amounted to $2293.01!

Not only did the contest have a fantastic turn-out, the winning homeroom, an eighth-grade class that raised over $200, enjoyed a fabulous reward of red-themed candy and purple party favors, matching the Red Cross and BLS colors. The Latin community is very proud of surpassing twice the amount of money we aimed to donate to the Red Cross’ Relief Fund. All it took was a few dedicated members and a lot of teamwork. We never imagined that we could surpass $1,000, let alone raise over $2000, but we did it. If we can do it, you can too.

We hope you will take our word for it and start your own campaign. Brainstorm some effective strategies and help spread the word. We are all a part of a wonderful non-profit humanitarian effort. Together, we can do it. So some time today, take some time and think about what you can do to let others know about the good work that we do. Give 110% of your effort and reach out to your community or school.

Best of luck,
Boston Latin School Red Cross Club
Boston, MA

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