Red Cross responds to “Miracle on the Hudson”

On Thursday night, 155 passengers and crew were safely rescued after US Airways Flight 1549 landed in the frigid waters of the Hudson River. Responders from the American Red Cross in Greater New York were on the scene immediately.

The chapter set up a Mass Care site at Battery Park and throughout the freezing cold night with sub-zero wind chills, Red Cross volunteers and staff provided warm meals and beverages. The Red Cross also provided mental health support as well as basic necessities such as new clothes for the passengers arriving in clothing soaked from the waters of the Hudson River. ARC/GNY is continuing to work with its partners in government and community agencies to provide support to rescued passenger and to first responders.

In his press conference, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recognized that the Red Cross is always there when disaster strikes.

Some statistics:

• 20+ staff and volunteers currently working at service delivery sites
• 100 ARC/GNY staff and volunteers assigned to this operation
• 1650 meals and snacks served
• 100 sets of clothing available for passengers
• 122+ contacts made with passengers by Disaster Mental Health Services workers
• 74+ contacts made with passengers by Disaster Health Services workers

Thank you to everyone responding to this emergency and ensuring that the rescued passengers receive the care and support that they need!

Mahati Acharya, New York City

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