Challenges and progress

My chapter is hiring a new office manager for our second office in Watertown. We just took charge in July and we are already switching staff! Our effort to find the right person the first time around didn’t work out; however, we have quite a few resumes that have come in and I’m confident we will hire someone great. There always seem to be new challenges and opportunities to learn.

We had our quarterly full board meeting this past Sunday and I’m happy to report that we had 3 new board members there. I have had good luck in recruiting members in the past few months. (I’m hoping they will be extremely active!) All but 3 of the board members are new this year and I’m struggling to recruit a vice chairman, since the previous one recently moved to North Dakota. I can understand why the new members have reservations about taking that step but I’m hoping someone will step up before the next meeting.

In other news, tomorrow will be an exciting day. I am interviewing 5 local high school students who are interested in serving as the high school representative to the board. I’m hoping that with that type of interest, the high school rep we choose will be able to start a high school club. This has been one of my goals since I served as youth liaison to the Midwest Service Area.

Overall I’m excited about the progress being made during my term and hoping to accomplish much more before my term is up!

Jessica Mueller, South Dakota (age 24)

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