Tell the world how a Red Cross experience changed a life, in 75 words or less.

Change a Life Contest

The most exciting and powerful contest I’ve ever seen.   In 75 words or less, describe how a Red Cross experience made a difference for you or someone you know.

At the heart of the Red Cross are millions of individuals who give time, blood, money and compassion to help their neighbors in need. When ordinary people are empowered to perform extraordinary acts, lives are changed. March is Red Cross month, and join the celebration of life-changing experiences.

Entries are accepted until March 16. Entrants have to be 18 years or older– but even if you aren’t eligible, encourage those you know to enter!

Chris Chen, Cambridge, MA

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Chris: Wow, I am just being alerted to this great contest and wanted to promote it on “ammado” ( and the Red Cross profiles. But of course today is the deadline! Too late to make a mention of this? Thanks! Barbara

  2. Unfortunately, the contest is over! Check back regularly for cool opportunities such as that one! Chris

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