The Extra Mile Club


The Extra Mile Club is Park View High School’s community service club.

On January 20, 2009, the entire nation watched television as President Barack Obama was sworn into office. A week before that event, students from Loudoun County Public School’s Park View High School National Honor Society and the Extra Mile Club were learning how the Red Cross prepares for a disaster, and receiving training for their duties at the Inauguration. Twelve students participated in basic disaster action team training, including Fulfilling Our Mission and Mass Care Overview, and nine students ultimately served within the Logistics and Material Support Services function for DR 961-09, also known as the Presidential Inauguration of 2009.

The Sunday before the Inauguration, students worked out of the Montgomery County office for the National Capital Region assisting with inventory, purchasing office supplies and arranging for meals for disaster staff at that site. On Monday, January 19, students worked at the field supply warehouse in Savage, Maryland. At the warehouse, they were assigned to remove the packing materials for items that were shipped in from other national warehouses, tally the items that were available, and share that information with the Logistics and Material Support Services leads. One of the highlights of working on this day was the chance to try a Heater Meal! Additionally, they picked up meals for staff at the Regional Disaster Communication Center in Falls Church, VA before heading home.

On Tuesday morning, the group started their day bright and early by arranging donated coffee and pastries from Starbucks for staff coming in for their shift, and inventorying at the RDCC in order to see what was needed to carry the staff throughout the day of the Inaugural itself.

-Magi Shepley


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