Angela Bingham, Red Cross Youth Volunteer Extraordinaire

For the past nine years, I have served as an American Red Cross volunteer.  I began work with the organization during my freshman year of high school at the Rutherford County chapter in North Carolina.  As a student at the University of South Carolina, I was excited to be a charter member of the Red Cross Club.  During 2007-2008, I served as president of the group and dedicated 972 hours to the American Red Cross.  Based on quality of service, amount of time and effort devoted to service projects, and level of impact on the student population and the community, the club was recognized as the Student Organization of the Year at USC.

untitled31As a member of the Red Cross Club and participant in the international session at the National Youth Institute in 2007, I learned about the Measles Initiative.  This international program resonates with me.  As a fifth year student in the six year pharmacy program, I understand the value of immunizations for public health.  With a passion for softball, service, and public health, I organize and coordinate Come Bat for Measles with a team of talented volunteers.

This is a youth fastpitch softball tournament to raise money to vaccinate children.  In our inaugural year, we drew 50 teams and approximately 1,500 spectators from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, and raised $12,534.52!  In support of this international effort of the American Red Cross, I founded the Measles Initiative Club at the university this year.  We are again reaching out to less fortunate children around the world by “Rummaging for Measles,” “Caroling for Measles,” collecting funds at Wal-Mart, and preparing for Come Bat for Measles 2009.

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2 Responses to “Angela Bingham, Red Cross Youth Volunteer Extraordinaire”
  1. John Pelley says:

    Thank you Angela. Keep up the good work.

  2. Pat West says:

    Incredible story, nice job Angela!

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