North Dakota and Minnesota Red River Flooding

Many of you are likely aware of the flooding in North Dakota and Minnesota.  The Red Cross has already been working on the scene for a week, but with the arrival of the flooding, the focus now is on being ready for sheltering efforts needed for people forced from their homes. Extra volunteers, shelter supplies, and food are being moved to supplement what is already in the state.

The American Red Cross is working in close coordination with the state of North Dakota to develop the plan for sheltering and ensure that enough facilities are available as needed. We are ready with 20 potential shelter locations, most of which are in schools and civic centers that can house several hundred people at a time.

To date, more than 400 workers and 30 mobile feeding trucks have been deployed to the area and more are on the way.  This could be a lengthy disaster relief operation, with flooding keeping people from their homes for a sustained period of time and we are ready should that happen.  The Red Cross was on the scene before the flooding started, and we’ll be on the ground after the flood waters recede to help North Dakotans and Minnesotans recover.  For the most regular updates, click here.

Disaster victims need your help. You can donate right now. Simply text the word “GIVE” to the number 24357 to donate $5 to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

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