The Heroes Campaign

Local chapters have geared up for the annual Heroes Campaign. Ever heard of it?

Everyone from Board members to youth volunteers and staff have signed up to be “Heroes,” setting a fundraising goal of $1000 or greater. The Martin County Red Cross Chapter put together a committee to plan this large-scale fundraiser.

These Heroes may approach this goal in a variety of ways, seeking people, businesses or organizations to support them. Any legal, fun and innovative means of raising money is accepted! Once a person meets their personal goal, they are awarded the “Hero” title. Some of our local chapter’s Heroes met their goals through bake sales, carwashes, raffled items or even hot dog sales at car shows.

Our purpose for this campaign is to not only raise money for our chapters but also raise awareness of the great work the chapters do in the community. The Heroes campaign allows participants to get the word out about the Red Cross mission and all the events and resources we have to share.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Fiscal benefits and raised awareness? Where do I sign up?” Take initiative within your chapter and get a Heroes campaign started, or join a team in the fundraising process.

Julie Gehron, Martin County, Florida

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