Teen saves her friend’s life

Lindsey Nies, a high school senior in Patrobe, PA, was sitting with friends in the school’s cafeteria when one of the girls began choking.

What would you do?

Fortunately for her friend, Nies is certified in life saving techniques from the American Red Cross. Lindsey immediately asked her if she was okay. Her friend did not answer and began to grab at her throat; meanwhile, her skin became very flushed and tears were beginning to roll down her face. Two other girls at the table ran to get a teacher.

Nies calmly and quickly put her training into action, administering several back blows that dislodged the food and allowed her friend to breathe once more.

Was that your answer? If not, contact your local chapter to see how you can become CPR and First Aid certified!

Lindsey Nies will be presented with the American Red Cross Certificate of Merit during an awards ceremony on June 1.

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