Solferino, 6/26/2009

Hello everyone,

This is Chris, writing from Solferino, Italy. It’s been quite an experience so far. I think the most profound moment for me so far is learning about the amazing work other Red Cross youth are performing in their countries.  Each National Society performs different services, based on the needs of the country, and aligned with the overall mission of the International Federation to prevent and alleviate human suffering. In war-torn countries, that means dangerous humanitarian missions; in the United States, that (of course) means disaster, health & safety, blood, SAF, and international work. 

I still can’t quite get over the passion and talent of the Red Cross youth that I’ve met. I’ve eaten with them, chatted idly with them in our tent, been through long workshops with them in sweltering hot tents, and I’ve only been increasingly moved as the event has continued.

We will (of course) share all the ideas we’ve learned with everyone so that we all can benefit.



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  1. hey, there, this is Vicky speaking from the Red Cross of Belgium, thank you for being in Solferino, we had a great time together and we made a lot of friends. We hope that all of you had also a great time, and hopefully we each other some time, maybe in America, maybe in Belgium, but I want to become a friend of you all. We are the best!!!

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