Goodbye Solferino, hello Geneva!

Hi again!

Well, the bags are packed and the tents are coming down here in Solferino.  Yesterday the meeting concluded with the incredible Fiaccolata, and massive torch-light procession in honor of Henry Dunant and the Battle of Solferino.  15,000 Red Cross supporters gathered from around the world to walk 8ks.  The whole experience was just unfathomable.  Cheers and songs from around the world constantly filled the streets and even Britney Spears “Womanizer” played in the piazza before we marched. It is very hard to describe in words the feelings the walk created.  I took a ton of photos but unfortunately I am using a computer in which I can’t upload.  Of course as soon as I get a chance, they will be posted.

Today I woke up with a slightly stuffy nose, but well rested after a lot of drum circle dancing.  So far the day has been relaxing and we are getting very excited for the trip to Geneva. We will be waking up at 4am this coming morning to board our buses.  The “Journey of an Idea” takes us through the Swiss Alps over the period of 2 days and then staying in Geneva for another 3 nights.  We will be marching through towns and presenting the declarations about youth involvement that were created this past week in Solferino.  Since we have so much time on the buses we will be sure to keep you updated! Ciao.

Pat, Solferino

P.S. I can’t wait for Swiss Chocolate!

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