Update from Simplon, Switzerland


Good morning! We just arrived in Simplon, Switzerland and it is breathtaking. I am talking like the first time you see the Grand Canyon, or seeing Yosemite under a full moon.

We hopped off the buses and we are right now standing in the middle of the town square. Around us are beautiful buildings with roofs of stone and a fountain delivering incredibly cold water to us weary travelers. Looking beyond the buildings shear mountains rise all around us blanketed with green trees and a number of waterfalls are visible. I was just eating my lunch a moment ago and my friend from Sudan asked me what the white stuff on the mountains was. It is pretty eye-opening to realize that some people in the world have never seen snow. By the end of the day I plan to get him with a snow ball! Opening ceremonies are about to start, we will try to blog as we march to the next town.

Pat, Switzerland!

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