March to Geneva: a day of firsts


As the first day of the March to Geneva draws to a close, we are sitting at a café in the center of the town of Sion, having coffee and ice cream, a treat after being up for the last 36 hours straight. Today has been a day of firsts for both of us: first time boarding a bus in the middle of a field in the Italian countryside at 4:30 AM, first time hiking in the Alps, first time seeing a Red Cross helicopter, first time seeing a helicopter full of chocolate, first time meeting the head of the Swiss Red Cross, and first time spending the night in a high school gym storage closet.

One thing is for sure, though, we are having an amazing time in Europe and we can’t wait to bring everything we are learning home to all of you. To be sure, we are having fun, but there is a lot more to our trip than just enjoyment. Not only are we helping to define the course of youth involvement in the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement for the next ten years, but also we are expanding our network, looking for new international exchange opportunities and keeping an eye out for ways to improve our existing youth programs and services.

Good night, and stay tuned because the March gets back on the road again tomorrow morning!

Aubin Dupree, Sion

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