March to Geneva: first steps in the Alps


We’ve just arrived in Brig, a small town in the southern Swiss Alps, after a spectacular walk through the mountains from Simplon. It is a beautiful day and we didn’t want to stop walking.

Along the way, we passed pastures with grazing cows, snow-covered mountain peaks, waterfalls, glaciers and roaring streams. At one point, we were visited by a rescue helicopter, which arrived with a cargo of Swiss chocolate where the patient would normally be! I don’t think I ever thought I would receive a helicopter delivery of chocolate while hiking with 300 young people through the Alps.

Today has been full of memorable surprises and it’s only 3 pm! We’ll keep you posted today and through July 3rd as the 2009 World Red Cross and Red Crescent Youth Declaration makes its way steadily toward Geneva.

Aubin Dupree, Brig

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