$100 million goal surpassed in campaign for disaster relief

Today marks the start of the new fiscal year and the American Red Cross is reflecting on the strides made this past year for the Disaster Relief Fund Campaign. The American Red Cross is pleased to announce that it has raised more than $110 million in money and in-kind contributions toward to the Disaster Relief Fund to pay for the many disasters of 2008.

Eight months ago the American Red Cross established a goal of raising a $100 million for the campaign and today we can be proud of the incredible accomplishment of exceeding this goal in such a short period of time.

Gail McGovern, our President and CEO, was thrilled to make this announcement today and only hopes to see more progress in the year to come.

“Turning our attention to where we are today, at the beginning of hurricane season and a new fiscal year, we must recognize that our work has only just begun. For example, while our deficit reduction efforts have produced results, we still have challenges to face. We still must meet our commitment to break even in fiscal year 2010. Furthermore, while we are in better shape than a year ago, the Red Cross spends more than $100 million on disaster response in a typical year, with even higher costs when there are more frequent or especially severe hurricanes.

We will be working on strategies for FY10 to build on all you have already accomplished in stabilizing our finances, and you will soon be hearing more from us on these plans.

Thank you again for all you’ve done–Red Crossers are the most amazing, caring and passionate people, and I feel so blessed to be part of this organization.”

- Gail McGovern

We know many of you contributed to reaching this goal through planning and participating in fundraisers for the Disaster Relief Fund at your own chapters and school clubs. Take this time to reflect and share your fundraising story. Maybe you had an event in support of the National Day of Giving on December 13th, during which more than $850,000 was raised for the fund – whatever your story may be, let it be heard and join the rest of the Red Cross family in celebration of this amazing organizational accomplishment.

Bianca Kahlenberg, Washington DC

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