A chat with a Thai Red Cross volunteer

Good afternoon America,

Most of you are just waking up but we have already been on the move for hours. Currently we are at an ICRC training facility eating lunch before our 3 hour trek into Geneva. I don’t know why but I am having trouble following up Aubin’s post from this morning. Lacking divine inspiration, I thought I would interview someone and share with you their thoughts.

thai girl

What is your name and where are you from?
Ornwijit Chupetch, Bangkok, Thailand

How long and in what capacity do you serve in the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement?
4 years as a youth volunteer, she presents to and motivates youth to become part of the movement in Thailand.

What is your best project or opporunity for RC/RC youth in your society?
The campaign of Thai Red Cross embassadors, it aims to try gaining more youth volunteers through the extensive use of media like TV, radio, newspapers etc. She loves going talking to the public and leading a grassroots campaign.

What is your favorite American food?
Burger King, Wopper jr., the full one is too big.

What would you like to say to American Red Cross youth?
She would love to communicate with Red Cross youth and looks forward to some sort of exchange program. If you have any questions about the Thai Red Cross feel free to email her at: [email protected]

Thanks for reading! If there are any questions you have for another national society from Sri Lanka to Syria (and literally anything in between), leave a comment and I will find an answer.

Pat, Close to Geneva


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  1. John Pelley says:

    Good Work. Keep it up.

  2. Taan says:

    Hi, Pat
    It’s me, Taan. Just pass by to say hi
    how are you there?

  3. kenth of The Phil. Nat'l red Cross says:

    Hello.. do you remember me still… RCY Gathering in chonburi thailand

  4. Chat says:

    thanks for this blog

  5. Thankk youu admın veryyy good bLog

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