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Hi everyone,

Right now I am in downtown Geneva at the Apple store using some internet. I apologize for the lack of posts yesterday. We had a great day, which culminated in the official reading of the youth declaration and an incredible dance party. The reading of the declaration was a very special moment for all of us youth, as all the work and travel we have done over the last two weeks is now wrapped up and the declaration shows the incredible impact we are poised to make. The declaration was made in the presence of all the youth and presented to the ICRC, the IFRC, and the UN. I took a video of the entire thing but I need to splice it and can’t do that until I get back home. I will also post the text ASAP.

The trip is not even really over until tomorrow but I am already sad to leave such a unique and incredible environment. The friends I have made along with the ideas and cultures I have learned about will follow me for a very long time. If you see me any time soon ask me to tell you about the bears and Georgia, it is crazy.

Today we finish up with a visit to the International Federation and a closing ceremony. That being said, I am also very much so looking forward to returning to Washington DC on July 4th. I cannot think of a more patriotic return to the states. Please look forward too much more information coming out through the blog following this meeting.

Lastly I just want to thank everyone who followed our journey through Solferino to Geneva, I know I really enjoyed sharing my story. Also a huge shout out to Bianca for proofreading all of our posts and putting up the pictures. It really would not have been possible without her.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or send me an email: [email protected]

Pat, Apple store, Geneva, Switzerland

P.S. If you ever find yourself here in Geneva typing realize that only the z and y keys are switched and I still can not find the apostrophe hence the lack on contractions in this post. Cheers!

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