Meet Joe Becker, Senior Vice President of Disaster Services

Joe Becker, Senior Vice President of Disaster Services for the American Red Cross recently sat down to address the youth of the American Red Cross. He wanted to share his message with you all right here on, recognizing and thanking youth across the country for the work they contribute to Disaster Services of the American Red Cross. He encourages you to talk to one another and let your voices be heard right here on the site. For more information on Disaster Services and ways to get involved visit our Resources page.


Bianca, Washington DC

One Response

  1. Being about 35 miles south of San Francisco, a city notorious for it’s large earthquakes, Palo Alto and the rest of Santa Clara County continue to be at risk every day for the next major earthquake. The fact that an earthquake can happen at any time, even at this very moment, makes everyone uneasy. However, everyone can hopefully rest a little easier now. Recognizing that youth are an important resource that can vitally be used, the youth services department at the Silicon Valley Chapter decided to start a Youth Disaster Action Team. The program helps to train primarily high school youth in Disaster response so that they can certainly help out when the next earthquake strikes. But, the program also has other advantages. Last month, an apartment building needed to be evacuated after a fire. Over 20 people were left without a home to come back to that night. Youth were able to work in client assistance (helping address clients needs after the disaster) and even work in the shelter. Youth are vital to the continuation of the American Red Cross and having our mission carried out. As shown here, without youth, the American Red Cross would be in a much more difficult situation.

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