Reflection on first year as chair

As I reflect upon my first year as Chairman of the Brookings County Board of Directors, I am amazed at the major changes that occurred within this year.

When I entered into the Chairman position, I knew there was going to be added stress because we were taking in an additional 6 counties. This is not an easy task for any chapter. Although it was a struggle, it was worth it. We had issues with personnel and implementation of policy at our second office, but both of these were handled carefully. I’m happy to say that our second office is off and running under new leadership. They are already taking steps to put together an advisory council for the area. I have no doubt that within a few years they will get their charter back and no longer need us.

Not only did our service area grow, our chapter also grew into a newer, bigger home. It provides our staff with a more professional and productive environment. We are holding an open house for the community with our annual meeting at the end of the month.

My confidence in my abilities as a leader has increased dramatically. I am growing more comfortable in my role as the chairman, and I hope that if I am re-elected for a second year,  I can continue to assist in making our chapter the best that it can be. One thing I have taken away from this year is to never doubt your abilities, because you have more potential than you give yourself credit for.

Strive to be the best that you can be. You will impress others — and yourself.

Jessica Mueller, South Dakota (age 25)

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