Tropical Storm Danny

North Carolina – Tropical Storm Danny

Tropical Storm Danny is moving northwest towards Cape Hatteras. The American Red Cross chapters and volunteers and resources are on standby in anticipation of Danny and continue to monitor the storm. The Red Cross has advice and safety tips for you to follow in case Tropical Storm Danny causes dangerous waves and rip tides where you are. Rip currents can form in any large open water area such as low spots and breaks in sandbars, or near structures such as jetties and piers.  A band of water a few feet wide may rush back through a gap in a sandbar made by breaking waves.

If you are caught in a rip current, stay calm and don’t fight the current.

  • Swim parallel to shore until free of the current.
  • Once free, turn and swim toward shore.
  • If you feel that you won’t make it in to the shore, draw attention to yourself by waving and calling for help.
  • From: American Red Cross Disaster Online Newsroom

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