Planning for my American Red Cross Club

Today was my last first day of high school. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, it was my first day of school as a senior in high school. Walking through the halls, I finally figured out how much power I really wielded as an older student; knowing exactly where my classes were, having enough time to stop and chat with my friends in between classes, watching the tiny freshman squirm past me as they scrambled to find their own classes. It was a refreshing and exciting experience, and definitely the start of something new.

As always, a new year brings more planning for my Red Cross Club, as I am sure it does for all of you out there. My club kicked off with its main leadership meeting last weekend, where we discussed all of our new plans and goals for the school year. This year, we want to focus on recruiting new members, expanding club opportunities, and holding events that are aligned with the American Red Cross mission. I hope to retain members by keeping them involved with things like health and safety and teach disaster preparation to elementary schools around my town.

What new things is your club doing this year? The National Youth Council is currently working on “American Red Cross High School Clubs in a Box” which will help both current and future Red Cross club leaders start or run their own clubs.

Tell me about your first day of school! How did it go? Are you as excited to get started with your American Red Cross Club as I am? ;)

Anjuli Sastry, California

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  1. Great post, Anjuli. Enjoy your last year of high school!

  2. Hi, my name is Kamara and I’m interning at the Shasta Area Chapter ARC. Part of
    my internship is to start a Red Cross Club at my high school, but my school is
    telling us we have to get registered with the International Level. Do you have
    any information for me and my supervisor to help us get started and get on the
    right track? Any information would help us. Thank You!

  3. Hello, my name is Jesse Zyra Untalan. I have read your blog and I was thinking of the same thing, BUT “my
    “goal is to donate supplies and donate money to the recent disaster to Philippines. Philippines had been struck and is still being damaged by te thyphone. Man people are injurged and many have a very low supply of food/clothes/ect. I hope you enjoy your hugh school. and if you want to help me out with my goal, and make a change in MANY people’s life, please contact me on my email address: [email protected]

    thank you!

    Jesse Zyra Untalan


  4. I’m a big fan to Red Cross so truly I would wanna help out with ANY organization that is/will happen. I want to see faces for of happiness and joy instead of faces full of sadness and hurt. I want to touch their heart and make it beat with a life of love and giving.

    Jesse Zyra Untalan

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