Sandwich making competition on 9/11

Finished Sandwiches

In April 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama issued a call for all to perform an act of volunteerism during the week of, and on, 9/11.  The Extra Mile, a community service club at Park View High School, chose to support the DC Central Kitchen (which is a regional partner for Red Cross Disaster Services) by making sandwiches. Students from the Extra Mile club worked stations during the lunch shifts to assist other students in making sandwiches.  Each station was an item needed for the sandwiches, from hand sanitizer & gloves to bread and sandwich bags.  As each student dropped their finished sandwich into a box, they were given a foam sticker in the shape of a food item.  Students were given a second sticker to add to their class chart in order to tally the number of sandwiches made.  The students waited in lines that wrapped around the school cafeteria in order to make their sandwiches.  At one point, Extra Mile ran out of lunch meat, and had to send a runner to a nearby store for another 10 pounds!  Then, the club ran out of the second round of lunch meat. The senior class was the hands-down winner, with 132 sandwiches made.  The entire school was able to provide 374 sandwiches to the DC Central Kitchen at the end of our lunch shifts.  The school also donated the additional bread, apples, fresh produce, gloves and sandwich bags to the DC Central Kitchen, a total of 40 pounds of supplies, or about $300.  The project was graciously support by local merchants in our area, including Whole Foods in Reston, Wegmans, and Giant Food, in Sterling.

Later that afternoon, the school held the first pep rally of the 2009-2010 school year, where the Extra Mile set up relay races using play food in the shape of sandwich items.  Each team of four, one from each class, had to pick up a piece of the sandwich, run it to the other end of the gym and run back before the next team member could run.  The last person running had to put the finished sandwich into a plastic baggie, and hand it to a club member.  And, as with the sandwiches they made during lunch, the senior class won the relay race.  Clearly, our senior class knows how to put together a sandwich.

Extra Mile Officers

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