The Great California Shakeout

The recent, tragic occurrence in the American Samoan Islands has reminded us all of the dire need to get prepared in the case of natural disaster, especially earthquakes as in this case. This year, California will “celebrate” the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake by holding the largest earthquake drill ever. On October 15, at 10:15 AM, many people across the state in schools, offices, and homes will be instructed over the radio, television, and even school loudspeakers to practice the routine drill of “drop, cover, and hold,” at 15 minutes past 10 — which is the normal practice in the case of an earthquake.

The “Great Shake Out” is a prompt for everyone to be prepared across the nation, whether it be for an earthquake, tsunami, tornado or fire. The American Red Cross will be promoting and advocating the cause of the Shake Out for the next two weeks with already at least 6,000,000 people registered to participate. Remember, you can get prepared anywhere, at anytime, and the right time is now! If you are a California resident and would like to participate in the “Great Shake Out”, or just would like to learn more, visit

Anjuli, California

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