After a year’s worth of work, we re-launched the initiative’s Web site today to better showcase the work of the American Red Cross and our partners in developing nations as well as highlight the grassroots advocacy efforts across theUnited States.

As we were uploading photos and placing spots on the interactive map from our headquarters in Washington, DC, community health workers and Red Cross volunteers around the world were helping to protect millions of children from measles.

October’s Highlights:

  • Tajikistan – More than 2.2 million children were vaccinated during a national measles and rubella immunization campaign, which ended Monday
  • Rwanda – More than 1.5 million children were vaccinated against measles during last week’s campaign
  • In both countries, the American Red Cross provided funding to support local volunteers in their efforts to promote the campaigns and educate parents about the importance of this life-saving opportunity

While these stats are impressive, more work is needed.  An estimated 197,000 children – 540 a day – died from measles in 2007.To fight this deadly disease we plan to organize vaccination campaigns in more than 28 countries by the end of the year.You can help. Share this video with your friends. Save another mother’s child through our new gift catalog. Sport a “Measles Sucks” T-shirt.  However you decide to act, tell us how you’ve supported the cause. It’s that simple, and it’s that important.

Abi Weaver

American Red Cross, Washington DC

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