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Happy Friday all

Today I have been trying to think of something inspiring to blog about to send you on your way towards the weekend.  I came up with nothing.   Luckily I found an awesome post that comes from  While it doesn’t directly have to do with the Red Cross is has everything to do with being a youth.

Today, my mom got a call from my little brothers elementary school. His kindergarten teacher went around the circle and asked him what they wanted to be when they grew up. He answered “Happy.” The teacher then responded “No…you don’t understand the question.” My litle brother fired back with “Well, you don’t understand life.” I now have no doubt we are related. MLIA

While reading this post I just felt a lot of young people would identify with it as I did.  People always ask me “what are you going to do” or “what are you going to be” and never had a good response.  Now I do, “I will be happy” :)  I  know one thing that makes me happy; volunteering.  Hmm……

Have a great weekend!

Pat West

The nation’s capital

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