NYIM Challenge Week 1: Get Connected!

Week 1 is all about getting connected! The tasks are simple and easy – you can do them all right now with just a few clicks of your mouse and taps on your keyboard. Although the tasks are easy, don’t let that fool you, completing the following will make you and your club more efficient, informed and ready to celebrate throughout the rest of NYIM!

Challenge #1: Sign up 4 people for the American Red Cross Youth Wire
By signing up for the YouthWire, youth will receive important information about Red Cross youth issues like special contests, opportunities to get money for their club or group and will be the first to hear about national and international Red Cross activities to attend!
Challenge #2: Register your school club by visiting the youth section of redcross.org (coming soon)
Challenge #3: Learn what Red Cross youth are doing internationally
Challenge #4: Find out information from other great non-profits the can help your Red Cross school club/youth group (Do Something, Youth Service America)

Remember that while you complete these challenges to take some creative pictures and submit them to the NYIM 2009 Photo Contest!

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection