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Getting your friends to join your American Red Cross club might not be a difficult task, but in my opinion, it’s even more difficult to keep members. Organizations often fall apart because they just do not have enough people going to their events. It’s not that the targeted audience is not interested in the topics; most of the time, the audience is just unaware of what is going on in their club and lead to feelings such as “I have no idea what is going on” or “I don’t feel like I belong to the club”, among club members.

Today’s world is one in which technology is everywhere in one’s daily life, and thus, instead of going wasteful with paper posters across campus, you should definitely consider using electronic communication to keep your club active and aware of events. Though many schools have list-servers or subscription lists that student groups can use to send out important information to their groups, other schools might not have the resources to do so. One way to combat this problem is the usage of other forms of free subscription lists that are available on the Internet. You might want to try some of the ones listed below. They are all free and fairly easy to use. For most of them, all you need is an email address, and you will be set to create your own subscription list. If you have any questions, feel free to contact/comment on this post for help!

1. YahooGroups
2. Google Groups
3. Facebook Groups
4. MySpace Groups

Unlike all of the subscription lists out there, the American Red Cross Youth has its own list-server system. Yes, you guessed it right, the American Red Cross YouthWire. By signing up for the YouthWire, youth will receive important information about Red Cross youth issues like special contests, opportunities to get money for their club or group and will be the first to hear about national and international Red Cross activities to attend! It’s not too late to take on challenge #1. Get 4 of your friends, siblings, or whomever you wish to sign up 4 people for the American Red Cross YouthWire. It’s going to take less than a minute sending this link out, but in return, you will get 4 more people in this world to become informed of works and opportunities American Red Cross offers in the field. Thank you very much.

Frankie, Boston

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