Member Recruitment Tip: Be Honest!

In our enthusiastic desire to recruit more volunteers, we Red Cross club leaders often make big promises. Join us, and we’ll change the world, we tell our peers. Join us, and we’ll change a life, starting with our own.

These promises are very real to us Red Cross veterans who understand our humanitarian mission and the importance of our disaster preparedness and health & safety services to our local communities. But we also understand the hard work it takes to deliver those services; we know the dedication, training, and passion required of Red Cross volunteers. However, our peers may not understand this. Our peers may sign up for our clubs, be excited by our big-picture promises but unaware of the work required, and then shortly thereafter drop out after learning about the training requirements, club meetings, etc.

So remember: when recruiting new members, tell them why you love the Red Cross as well as what frustrates you sometimes. Don’t be afraid to tell new members the bad and the ugly along with the spectacular. New members will be excited by your honesty, confident in your leadership, and prepared to join your Red Cross club and overcome any challenges!

Happy recruiting!

Boston, MA
Chris (former high school and college Red Cross Club president)

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