Fundraisers are as simple as YOU make them!

Keeping your high school or college Red Cross Club up, running, and consistent has a lot to do with the activities and events you hold. This week’s NYIM theme is to run a service project or fundraiser in your community that will end up benefiting the Red Cross in some way. My Red Cross Club is holding a fundraiser at a local restaurant to raise money for the local disaster relief fund. We have created fliers to hand out to people that attend the restaurant that night and 20% of the proceeds of a customer’s dinner will go to the Red Cross! All week, we will be encouraging people to attend via announcements at school and even through the local newspaper. How cool is that?

Getting involved starts in the simplest of ways and fundraisers can be as easy as handing out fliers and having fun with friends. It can’t get any better than that!

Anjuli, California

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