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Happy Thanksgiving to everybody and we hope you have a wonderful time with your family, friends, and relatives!

Since you are now all linked to Youth Wire from Week 1’s NYIM Challenge, you should have gotten the message this past Monday that the NYIM photo contest has been extended until December 4th. So for those of you who thought there was no chance that you would be able to get your youth group together to complete some of the challenges and participate in the contest, you still have 10 days left!!

If you still don’t think you are going to be able to get your youth group together, then gather up your siblings and cousins after your Thanksgiving meal and sign them up for Youth Wire or plan a small fundraiser and get all your family members to be the first to donate to your American Red Cross cause. Remind them that whatever they commit to giving (whether it’s time, blood or money), it will all be to benefit saving someone’s life and helping somebody who has been the victim of a disaster. Eat your turkey, watch your football game, and complete a NYIM challenge with your family tomorrow.

Once again, have a great Thanksgiving!

Frannie, North Carolina

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Volunteer Connection