Shopping for Funding

It can be hard to get funding for your service projects in this era of budget cuts. But it’s not as hard as it may seem at first sight. Despite more than $100 million in budget cuts at Harvard, the Harvard Friends of the American Red Cross managed get a grant from the student government to train about 100 students in CPR or First Aid for free! Don’t be discouraged by the general atmosphere, but rather use your energy and passion for youth involvement to find funding to make your projects possible. After doing your Black Friday shopping, shop for grants for which your projects can fulfill the requirements! To begin, try your school, local organizations, and the Internet. Good luck shopping!

Boston, MA

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2 Responses to “Shopping for Funding”
  1. Marie Foote says:

    I have joined youth wire about six months ago- I never receive anything from it. I didn’t even know that youth involvment month was in november. You guys really need to start putting out more information. Now I have missed anything I could have possible done.


    • Are you sure you entered the correct email address? We send YouthWire messages at least once a week. I would try to re-subscribe. Always check back here on if you aren’t receiving updates too! Thanks and sorry you missed out!

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Volunteer Connection