Vanderbilt University Steps Up To Help Quake Victims

Youth all around the country and world are trying to think of ways to raise funds to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake.  A number of different student organizations at Vanderbilt University have stepped up to the challenge, including the Red Cross Club on campus.   Here is part of an article highlighting the club’s idea:

Vanderbilt Red Cross has joined together with Vanderbilt Student Government, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Gamma and several other organizations to host “Hope for Haiti,” a dinner fundraiser on Jan. 29.

“It is our goal to increase awareness, to raise money and to help the people in Haiti,” said Vanderbilt Red Cross president Melissa Zhu. “I hope through this event people can realize there are multiple ways to help. People can donate money, get training for mass care and donate blood.”…

For the full article visit:, January 14th by Laura Dolbow

If you or your club are doing other things to help raise money please share so we can pass along your great ideas.  To do so, just comment below.  Thanks!

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