Southeast Texas High gets creative with Relief effort

Update: The Southeast Texas High School Red Cross Club collected $3,241.65 for Red Cross Haiti Relief! Congratulations on your outstanding work and effort!

Southeast Texas High School’s Red Cross club volunteers are all geared up to go out in their Red Cross youth shirts and rally for the Haiti Relief effort. Youth will set up tables outside local stores on January 16th and remind Texas citizens how important the need is in Haiti as well as encourage donations to the Red Cross International Response Fund and Haiti Relief Fund. For those who do not have cash or checks available, they will also offer a little handbill with information on donating $10 to the Haiti Relief Fund via text messaging.

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    • My daughter is secretar y of this club. While she was unable to give her time, she and I are very proud of the volunteers who made such an impact which inpired these outpouring of help.

      Sponsors, Terry Arnold and Alice Purcell have turned SETHRCC into a very active club during thier short tenure of only 2 years. Any homeschooler should be thrilled to join our club.

      Amy Mendelowitz

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