Chapters Quick to Act in Haiti Relief Efforts

The success of texting donations for Haiti Relief has been all the buzz for news and media. This new use of technology has brought in impressive monetary contributions for the American Red Cross and other relief organizations. Unfortunately what we and the rest of the world doesn’t get to see broadcasted on the news is all the amazing work our chapters and volunteers are doing to raise awareness and money for the recent Haiti tragedies. Campus clubs such as Vanderbilt University and Southeast Texas High school shared their stories here on, what they did to raise money, and we know that countless other youth programs are hard at work as well.

Recently Bobbie Bishop, Business Consultant in Chapter Communications of Des Moines, Iowa, reached out to chapters from across the country to find out what their youth were doing to raise money. She got back an impressive list of ideas, stories, and thoughts from chapters. We have these ideas to share with you to implement in your local communities. The amount of feedback she received proves how much our chapters and moreover the youth volunteers in these chapters are doing to give back in this dire time of need for the organization and our world.

Bobbie a strong advocate and recognizer of youth involvement within the organization said

“In difficult times, the American people look to the American Red Cross as a resource – a place to get help, and a place to give help. Every time disaster strikes, I am amazed at the power and imagination of our youth. Red Cross chapters throughout the country often engage with this valuable resource. In January after an earthquake devastated the citizens of Haiti, chapters came forward, eager to share projects created and carried out by local youth groups. I can’t thank American Red Cross chapters enough for encouraging our youth to be caring and compassionate, for they truly are tomorrow’s Red Cross heroes.”

As youth volunteers and all American Red Cross volunteers alike we are compassionate with the work we do and we are being a strong part of a movement today. A movement to make a difference and give back to others both nearby and faraway.

Thanks Bobbie for your support and getting these ideas to us so we can share them with all chapters here on

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