National Youth Council Application Questions

The application period to become a member of the National Youth Council is quickly closing.  Applications are due March 5th and can be found here.   Since putting the application out we have received a number of great questions that we felt others might be interested in.  We look forward to reading your applications and please let us know if you have any more questions, good luck! (These questions and answers are mostly related to youth applying, not advisors.  If advisors have questions please email Pat West at: [email protected])

1) How old do you have to be to apply to the NYC ?

- Applicants must be 14-24 at the time of applying.

2)  Does my Red Cross Recommendation form have to come from a current Red Cross employee?

- Your Red Cross Recommendation can come from a Red Cross employee or an adult volunteer who has been highly involved with the organization for some time now.  Current employment is not a requirement but is preferable.

3) How many positions are currently open on the National Youth Council?

- Every year the National Youth Council looks for both great youth and adult volunteers who would make a valuable addition to our team.  We currently have several advisor, youth and alternate positions open.

4) Where and when are the four face-face meetings every year?

- Meetings are not pre-planned on certain dates prior to the fiscal year beginning.  We work with all members to accommodate everyone’s schedules and have the meeting during times that the entire council can get together.  They do usually take place over the weekend however because of schooling.  Also most often our meetings take place at National Headquarters in Washington, DC but we will occasionally change it up :)

5) When will I receive notification of making it onto the National Youth Council?

- Your application is just part of the process.  Once we have reviewed all the applications we set up a series of telephone interviews with applicants that we see potentially being a good fit for the NYC.  Applications are due March 5th and we usually take 2-3 weeks to get back to you after that.  All applicants will receive notification one way or another from us.  We appreciate everyone who takes time to apply.

6) For the regional conferences, are council members required to travel to those too?

- If there are regional conferences and your presence is requested to speak/present you are expected to attend although we understand there are certain circumstances for which we must be flexible.

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