The Red Cross Network

My greatest moments in the Red Cross haven’t been when I was personally responsible for a successful service project. They have rather been when I found out that someone I had worked with or mentored successfully continued my legacy through my old high school Red Cross Club or continued his or her involvement with the Red Cross by starting a new club in college. Why? First, personally going through the checklist of tasks of running a blood drive (meeting with the Red Cross territory rep, talking to school administration, scheduling donors and volunteers, etc.) is one thing. But getting someone else to do that of his own accord after you are no longer there to remind him every day is another! It’s relatively easy to be a dictator and personally manage everything compared to influencing others to voluntarily pursue the same mission as you. Second, it reminds me that the Red Cross is bigger than my individual work and ambitions. It’s wonderfully inspiring to hear via Facebook that a friend you recruited to join the Red Cross club in high school is now taking a leadership role in forming a new college club. The American Red Cross mission to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies, and the people who work towards furthering that mission create a powerful and inspiring network of service. Appreciate this network and continue to expand it, by staying in touch with friends you made through the Red Cross sharing what you’re currently doing for the Red Cross!

Seungjun, Boston, MA

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